Author: Ruben Gutierrez

  • Get a WEBDEV job EASY

    Get a WEBDEV job EASY

    In the shortest amount of words, the answer to getting a web development job is to post your work online! Here me out don’t leave just yet. The reason posting your work online works for getting web development and tech jobs in general is because potential employers (CEO’s, decision makers, and tech recruiters) all hang […]

  • Fullerton Web Designer – Let’s Work On Your Site Today

    Fullerton Web Designer – Let’s Work On Your Site Today

    Hello, my name is Ruben Gutierrez and I am a website designer in the Fullerton area. Below are just some of the services that I provide for the people in the area and a little bit about them. Web Design Services in Fullerton How your website looks is important. Studies show a websites design can […]

  • Expert Website Designer In La Habra¬†

    Are you looking for some help with your business website in the La Habra, CA area. Heyyo my name is Ruben Gutierrez and I want to help! Websites are an important part of any modern business. With a well made website you can establish credibility and drive leads to your business. Your business needs the […]

  • Get Your La Habra Business Found Online

    The way your website looks is important. A well designed website can help establish trust with it’s users almost immediately. Although appearance are important it’s also just as important to drive traffic to your website. Without any sort of content on your website all you have is is a fancy digital brochure. How Search Engine […]

  • How To Filter Posts with Categories in Jekyll

    What is Filtering? Post filtering is when you group similar posts/pages and output them onto a page or just of section of it. One example is the ‘related videos’ section next to the video player on any YouTube video. Another is the related blog posts sections usually located underneath or to the side of a […]

  • Why It’s Important To Have A Website For Your Small Business

    Having a website for your business is important for your business. A website helps establish credebility almost immeidatly when done right. A website will help you generate leads through search engine optmizinationn.

  • Gym Website Design Concept

    Lately, I’ve been doing and learning more about search engine optimization so I have not really been doing much designing. on top of that, the few designs that I have made lately are really boring, black and white with very little visual. In order to sharpen my design skills, I decided to spend some extra […]