In the shortest amount of words, the answer to getting a web development job is to post your work online! Here me out don’t leave just yet.

The reason posting your work online works for getting web development and tech jobs in general is because potential employers (CEO’s, decision makers, and tech recruiters) all hang out online and use the internet and social media platforms just like you and I.

People in these positions are always looking for designers and developers to help them or they’ve been tasked and to fill web dev roles for multiple companies. A lot of these entry level website development jobs pay very well and like most tech jobs are scalable based on your skills and knowledge.

Before you post that

Posting your work is the start. In order to get the most out of social media or whatever other platform you’re on use these tips to make it count.

Write about your work!

When you go to post your work make sure to at the very least include a small write up

One of the main reasons people fail getting their message across when posting their content on social media is because they don’t explain themselves. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen great designers not get any attention because their post are vague or theirs just information about their work. Without any ifnormation you’re essentially just posting pretty pictures.

Get into the specifics, the why’s and how’s. Explaining your your thoughts process is the best way for employers to gage your knowledge and understanding of web design & web technologies. It also shows people that you can communicate yourself to others properly and that you’re a well though out person.

Where To Post Your Work

Chosing where to post you’re work can be a tricky choice. Personally I believe you can get job offers wherever e web designers and business people hang out will also work I’ve been offered jobs by posting my designs on Dribbble and Behance. LinkedIn or any other social media platform wher..

After you’ve posted you’re work you’re going to want to engage with other people on the platform. You can choose to be mean, get lots of attention and risk getting kicked off the platform or you can chose to do what I do and spread positivity.

Personally I like to be XTRA nice to people online. I’ll like every sing dang design in a persons portfolio and leave a few comments here and there without even thinking about it. Honestly, don’t be afraid to reach out to people you don’t know, just treat them like you’d like to be treated.

My suggestions is to spend a few minutes everyday liking as much designs as you find interesting along with writing positive comments about them, you’ll be surprised how much people will reciprocate the attention.

If you’ve tried uploading you’re work without interacting in the past with onotice right away that not everyone can see your post.The reasons interacting with others is important is because likes and comments are used by social media platforms to determine whether a post get’s amplified in their algorithm. When more people interact with your posts, Those who interact with your designs may not be the ones to offer you a job but they will boost your posts to someone who will, I promise!

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