Gym Website Design Concept

Lately, I’ve been doing and learning more about search engine optimization so I have not really been doing much designing. on top of that, the few designs that I have made lately are really boring, black and white with very little visual.

In order to sharpen my design skills, I decided to spend some extra time designing.

This is what I made.

I used Figma and Gimp to make this design. I usually try and find PNG images to make a design with but this time I decided I was going to learn to cut images out of JPG files and it turned out pretty good. I did some quick searches and found the fastest and most accurate way of doing it.

  1. Select the Path Tool & Trace the object you want to isolate
  2. Add an Alpha Channel to the image to make the background transparent
  3. Head over to images and invert the selection
  4. Press delete to remove the background
  5. Adjust the size of the canvas
  6. export the image in png format