I'm the freelance 'website designer near me' you're looking for around La Habra California

Hello, my name is Ruben Gutierrez and I am the “website designer near me” you are looking for. I’m a local La Habra, Orange County, California freelance website designer and I can provide the best website design services for your projects and small businesses.

As a freelance website designer I can help you make beautiful designs with WordPress that look good and that’s optimized for the search engines (Google). I go above and beyond the web design agencies in my area!

My websites are built with high quality in mind. I also provide equally amazing web design services near (Fullerton, Brea, Rowland Heights, Anaheim, Whittier) anywhere really, I can help. Here is my information:


Common Question you might have after Googling “website designer near me” in the La Habra, CA Area.

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Here are some common questions I get about the website design services I provide in La Habra, California and the surrounding area. If this Q&A doesn’t answer your question, feel free to contact me. I’d like to hear more about your problem and how I might be able to help

“I don’t have a website, can you launch a brand new one for me?”

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Of course. Sometimes you need to just get going without all the bells and whistles. Launching a brand new website doesn’t have to be hard at all.

I’ll take care of all the techy stuff, from the domain ( you choose to the hosting plan that works best for your needs/budget. I’ll handle important details like SSL certification which gives your website more credibility.

This web design service includes an e-book where I explain the type of content that you should have on your website. In it I suggest posting things like
(i.e. product and service prices, images, store hours, tutorials, blog posts ideas, descriptions, etc.) and a basic plan that’s going to help you get found online.

Oftentimes I’ve had people tell me they spent thousands of dollars making a website only for it not to get any traffic. Don’t be that person, instead skip the high quality graphics and focus on keywords you want to be found on Google for. The graphics can come later when you’re ready and got visitors.

All of this for only $199, this service includes a website with a few website pages like a homepage for your businesses introduction, a blog page where you can start posting content (services, products, before & after pictures etc..) immediately, and a contact me page with a contact form that’s automatically connected to your email so you get the message as soon as a visitor sends you a message interested in your products/services.

Like stated in other parts of this Q&A, I’ll teach you how to post text, images, and videos at no extra cost. It’s simple to do and & shouldn’t take that long. Y

I have a lot of content for my website, am I gonna have to call you every time I need to add something? Will you show me how to add text, images, and videos once you make my website?

Adding Content to Website

Part of building a website is actually teaching you how to use it.

A website you can’t make minor edits on can be useless and costly to maintain without knowing how to edit it. My goal is for your website to work consistently and for it to get you customers. I’ll teach you how to post text, images, and content. It’s not that hard to do and it should help keep the cost of owning down to a few bucks every month.

I offer this website design service for FREE, just a moment of your time..

Can you help me with a logo or graphics for my local business?

Not a problem. Logos and graphics are an important part of starting a business, they set the mood for your business and help customers identify you. I can help you create custom logos and graphics you can put on your website or other promo products that fit what your business is all about.

The price of this design service can differ based on the complexity of the projects and designs.
If you just want a unique logo and a couple graphics to spice up your business visual appearance you can expect to pay around ~$100 . For a more detailed custom graphics and designs expect to pay over a few hundred dollars.

“I have an existing website that I want to redesign. Can you do that?”

Of course. You’ve probably had a website for a while and it’s getting some traffic, but you’re not happy with the way it looks because it looks funky and outdated. The sizing of the text and pictures are off, it breaks on mobile devices, and the images are pixelated and cropped, I get it.

Bad designers create websites very lazily with premade WordPress themes and templates without making it unique to the business they made it for. This often results in websites that look outdated, untrustworthy and that behave buggy..

I can help make your website look more unique by adjusting and adding a well rounded design that makes better use fonts, colors, spacing, animations and layouts. We can revamp your website and give it the vibe you want your customers to feel when they land on it.

Depending on a few things this can range from a couple hundred dollars to about a thousand maybe even more. You’ll obviously know your ready for a website design, but if you think you need one and you don’t have traffic yet it’s probably better to focus on your content and that first.

I need to add a function (login, contact-forms, quote calculator, analytics tracking, call button, email autoresponder, appointment schedule calendar, online shop, image sliders, animations, marketing tools, newsletter) to my website, can you help?

Yes. I can do any of the above and more. If your interested in any of the technology above I’d be happy to explain what they do and if their the right fit for you. Also if you think theirs a way to make your life easier don’t hesitate to ask, chances are theirs a technology available for automating some of the repetitive tasks you have to do.

Do you build websites for mobile devices too?

Yes sir/ma’am. Google favors mobile websites more and more every year, this is because phones and other mobile devices are doing the most searches. Your website absolutely has to be built to include mobile devices.

Every website I put together is built with responsive design in mind. I cover a large amount of mobile devices during the development of your website so no need to worry. T

“I sell products locally, can you build me an online store?”

Yes, depending on what and how much you sell we can find the best solutions for your online store.

Making a store is a multi step process that requires a lots of preparation. This might involve creating an order system that calculates prices with shipping cost or implementing a payment system and even adding reviews functions to your products to see what products you sell you’re customers really like.

When you’re ready I can help, This service can range all over the map so it’s better that we discuss your situations before I can give you a price.

Get started selling your products and services across the map!

“Do your services cover WordPress” or “Do you work on wordPress websites?”

Of course. WordPress websites make up 34% of all website in the world. I’ve been working on websites for a few years now and although I like the flexibility of building websites from scratch, I do make and redesign WordPress websites. I have a thorough understanding of WordPress and how to implement custom code, plugins, and themes to achieve exactly what you need.

“Do any of you’re La Habra website design services involve search engine optimization? Or Can you help me rank higher on Google.”

SEO is the practice of optimizing your website & content for the search engines in the goal of ranking your rank for certain search questions. SEO involves a lot of technical aspects to it but it also depends on how much you know you’re customers.

The technical stuff. I can help you structure your data and add missing descriptions and code that helps Google better understand your content. This involves proper data structures, keyword optimization, and adding schema codes. This is a good option if you have a lot of content but you’re not sure if it’s organized well, I can come do an audit and afterwards place things where Google will understand it best.

When it comes to knowing your customer and Google. I can help you research relevant topics your type of customers are looking for so you can make content that Google and other search engines will understand and more importantly that’s valuable to your customer’s questions and concerns. There’s no exact science to SEO but with your industry expertise and my knowledge of search engines we can create content that’ll outrank the people in your area.

The price of doing this can be all over the map, call to find out how much your project will cost.

“Can you help get my website on Google?”

Yes, submitting your website to Google is an important part of any business trying to get customers online. I can help get your website discovered and verified by google.

Verification is just part of staying up-to-date in the search engine results with Google. Staying relevant with google involves submitting page links and sitemaps every time you create a new page. This is important because Google doesn’t always know a new page exist you have to tell it otherwise it can take months before it even know to include it in the search results.

I can show you how to do these simple tasks to keep up with Google for FREE and it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to learn. If you’d rather just send me the the links to submit new pages for you I do provide that service and It’d only cost you a few buck per month. With it I would also show you go to do a quick Google search to verify that your new pages are in the search results.

I also take care of everything when it comes to verifying your website with Google this includes signing you up for a separate service offered by Google called Google my Business. Adding your website to Google My Business is a ranking factors Google uses for local business. It’s those sections that come up when you google local business, they’re above the regular search results and when you click on them they open profiles about that business that show you their locations, reviews, and offer you buttons to communicate with that business.

I can submit and verify your account with Google and Google my business for $50. Showing you how to submit pages is FREE.

“Can you help me come up with things to put on my website?” or “I want a website I just wouldn’t know where to start”

Of course. Making a website can be confusing at first, I’ve been there, you ask yourself “what do I even write about” “what images should I post”, “should I put my store hours on there” the questions are endless.

One of the website services I provide brings out all the expertise and information you have about your business and presents it effectively on your website for people to find.

The process begins with some basic questions about your business. I’ll send you a content question checklist I made that asks some basic and in depth questions about your business . These questions will give you an idea about the content and keywords you want to be found on Google for. When you’re ready to build your website it’ll make it that much easier to put everything together.

The questions I provide will look similar to these ““what services or products do you sell?”, “what locations do you provide you services for”, “what’s your phone number” “what are your products and prices” “what do you specialize in” and many more.

This process can take a couple days if everything goes smoothly and I’d only charge you $80 for the consultation.

If you’d like me to write and provide all the content I’d charge you a few hundred considering the website you want to build is small meaning it has a 3 - 5 pages. Anything more than that we should discuss.

“What is the price of running a website?”

Aside from my services and what I charge, a basic website will cost you about $5 - $10/month. That includes the domain and the hosting service you choose. I also offer a website service that would only cost you a $1/year in terms of domain and server chargers.

The $1 a year option doesn’t come with the ability to edit and do all that fancy stuff like self editing but you’ll have a website that indestructible and doesn’t need maitnencene. This option is good if you just want something online without having to think about it ever again, not something I recommend but it should get you some calls.