FREE Adobe Xd Food Menu Template, Download Good Food

What is Good Food?

Download Good Food Adobe XD Template

“Good Food” is a very unique and free Adobe Xd restaurant template that includes a free menu template you can take and use on your website. Aside from having a food menu it also include form and brand display templates. The schematics can help a developer build a website more efficiently.

The features of this Adobe XD Template

- Menu Templates, For Dish Display

Use these food menu templates to inspire your next food menu designs or copy and paste these over directly to your project just make sure the images your using or 16:9. and larger screens. Display your restaurants amazing cuisine with these minimalist templates. Use a 16:9 ratio image

- Form Templates and Logo/Brand Display

This Adobe Xd website example comes with an email form template and a brand showcase template.

- Schematics For Developers

Included in this template is a color guide to help developers with things like sizing, spacing, and grouping.

This Xd food template also comes with mobile app & tablet versions of the templates free in the download.

- Nunito Font

This templates uses “Nunito” the well balanced sans serif typeface. You can switch it on straight from the Adobe Website for FREE.

Download Good Food Adobe XD Template

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